Design verification by structural analysis software and quality assurance by product test.

We design, manufacture and supply a various range of metal, plastic and rubber products such as catenary hardware and also custom designed products to be used in Railway, Telecommunication, Road Infrastructure and Electric Power fields.
From early, we have installed testing equipment for various metal, plastic and rubber products for ensuring their material and quality under establishment QA system according to ISO9001 and have been verifying their design and make actual simulation test of our products from the beginning stage of product development.
In addition to the product development and improvement of existing products, we have been investigating causes of product deficiency, utilizing our own test and also out sourced professional tests for making efficient analysis and assessments.

■Our Equipment

For Metal Works
For Metal Works Amsler Universal Testing Machine (large) Tensile, Elongation, Load test
Amsler Universal Testing Machine
Instron Universal Testing Machine
Rockwell Hardness Tester Hardness Test
Brinell Hardness Tester
Micro-Vickers Hardness Tester
Salt Spray Tester Corrosion Resistance Test
AC Withstand Voltage Tester Withstand Voltage Test
Vibration Testing Machine for Fittings
Automatic Sliding Testing Machine for Ear
Endurance Teasting Machine for Rotating Seat Base of Railway Vehicle
Plastics and elastomer
Plastics and
loading tester with thermostat oven Tensile strength and elongation
Softening Point apparatus Softening point measuring
Torsional rigidity Tester Torsional Strength
Melt Flow Tester Measurement of the ease of flow of melted plastic
Thermo-Cycle Tester
Profile Projectors

■ ISO 9001 Certified

We supply the high quality, highly reliable products
to meet the customer’s needs.

JISQ9001:2015 認証取得