For over 80years since the company was established,
we have been creating the future with further evolution.


For over 80 years since the company was established, we have been pursuing further improvements and aiming for unlimited increase of customer satisfaction.

We, Asaba Manufacturing Co., Ltd has been contributing to improvement of social infrastructure through development, manufacturing and sales of cable related products for over 80 years since our establishment in 1934. Throughout our history, we have achieved a considerable track record of supplying many products to such fields as Railway, Telecommunication, Electric Power, Road infrastructure.
Because our products are used for construction works, we have been aiming at developing and supplying products that are environmentally friendly, safe and convenient for that purpose in recent years.
Since we supply our products not only to customers in Japan, but across Asia and around the world, we constantly make efforts to meet the needs of our customers by taking full advantage of our network consisting of domestic factories, partner companies in Japan, as well as our own production facility in Vietnam and overseas partners' factories.

Now we would like to reflect on the times of our foundation and aim for unlimited customer satisfaction and unprecedented teamwork while implementing a hands-on approach and addressing issues such as development and improvement from our customers’ point of view.

Representative Director and President
Yasufumi Mutou