For over 80years since the company was established,
we have been creating the future with further evolution.


Company name

Asaba Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Head office

5th Floor, Shibaura Crystal Square, 1-6-41,
Kounan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan


March 1934 (Asaba Manufacturing Company)


October 1950 (Asaba Manufacturing Co., Ltd)

Paid-in Capital

35million yen (as of March 2002)

Member of the Board

President, Yasufumi Mutou
Director, Hideaki Gokou
Director, Takeshi Tairaku
Director, Shigeyuki Yokobori
Director, Takashi Haruki
Director, Shigeru Asaba
Director, Kyoko Mutou
Auditor, Toshi Yabuki

Number of employees

133 (as of October 2022)

Principal stockholder

Yasufumi Mutou, Mutou, Shigeru Asaba and more.

Corresponding Banks

Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
(Hamamatsucho Branch)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
(Ginza Branch)
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
(Tamachi Branch)
Resona Bank, Ltd.
(Tamachi Branch)
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
(Tokyo Branch)
Japan Finance Corporation

ISO 9001 Certification

Registered in March 2000 (currently JISQ9001:2015)

Approved Architecture Cooperation

Special Architectural Business.
Electrical Business
General Architectural Business
Civil Engineering
Masonry Business
Steel Structural Premises Business
Dredging Business
Water and Sewerage Facilities Business
Scaffolding, Earthwork Business
Plumbing Business
Pavement Business
Painting Business

Qualified person

First class civil engineering construction management engineer, 1


March 1934 Foundation of Asaba Manufacturing in Tokyo
October 1950 Incorporation of Asaba Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
September 1955 Head office relocation.
September 1957 Omori plant opened.
January 1962 Omori plant obtained JIS certification.
November 1969 Omori plant relocated and newly constructed
(approx. 2,900 square meters)
March 1970 Capital increased to JPY 350 million
April 1978 Subsidiary Asaba Co., Ltd. established.
September 1981 Opened Yokaichiba plant
(Site area 9,000 square meters approx.,
floor area 1,600 square meters approx.)
October 1984 50th foundation anniversary
November 1985 Supplied construction materials for MRT Singapore.
Started business overseas.
March 1993 Asahi plant (CurrentAsahi Logistics center )completed.
(Site area 5,000 square meters approx.,
floor area 1,200 square meters approx.).
November 1999 Started technical cooperation with SCI Thailand
July 2003 Established subsidiary Eisho Trading Corporation.
March 2006 Concluded the distributorship agreement in Japanese market with PREFORMED LINE PRODUCTS as for dead end grips.
May 2006 Established Asaba Manufacturing Hong Kong Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong. Capital JPY 40 million.Shenzhen Plant Opened in China.
October 2008 Merged Asaba Co., Ltd.
Novemver 2011 Nasu place established.
September 2013 Asaba Vietnam Manufacturing Co., Ltd established
September 2014 Head office relocated.
November 2017 Ami place established
April 2019 Acquired 100% ownership of Okada Press Co., Ltd.
January 2020 Eisho Trading Co., Ltd changed its name to Asaba Co., Ltd.


Sales Dept.
 Railway Dept.
Tel.+81-3-6433-1034 Fax.+81-3-6433-1042
 Telecommunication Dept Tel.+81-3-6433-1035 Fax.+81-3-6433-1043
 Road Infrastructure Dept Tel.+81-3-6433-1036 Fax.+81-3-6433-1042
 Electric Power Dept Tel.+81-3-6433-1036 Fax.+81-3-6433-1042
 Business Development Dept Tel.+81-3-6433-1037 Fax.+81-3-6433-1043
Procurement Dept Tel.+81-3-6433-1038 Fax.+81-3-6433-1042
Overseas Business Office Tel.+81-3-6433-1038 Fax.+81-3-6433-1042
Business Management Dept.
 General Affairs Group
Tel.+81-3-6433-1031 Fax.+81-3-5479-6601
 Human Resources Group Tel.+81-3-6433-1031 Fax.+81-3-5479-6601
 Financial & Accounting Group Tel.+81-3-6433-1032 Fax.+81-3-6433-1048
 Information System Office Tel.+81-3-6433-1032 Fax.+81-3-6433-1048
Engineering Dept. Tel.+81-3-6433-1039 Fax.+81-3-6433-1044
Quality Assurance Dept. Tel.+81-3-6433-1040 Fax.+81-3-6433-1044
Production Engineering Dept. Tel.+81-3-6433-1041 Fax.+81-3-6433-1043

Group Company

  • Asaba Co., Ltd.

    5th Floor, Shinagawa Crystal Square, 1-6-41, Kounan,
    Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan

  • Asaba Tech Co., Ltd.

    43-125, Hiradekogyodanchi,
    Utsunomiya, Tochigi 321-0905, Japan

  • Asaba Viet Nam Manufacturing

    Street No.1 Long Thanh IP Tam An Village,
    Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam.